Miller Dome In the Snow

Even in Texas, we get snow -- every five or ten years. These snow pictures are from December 28, 2000 (our fifth wedding anniversary.)

snodome.jpg (24846 bytes)

Dome house in the snow.

drift.jpg (17161 bytes) The north-facing side of the dome got pretty seriously snow-drifted. An enclosed back porch is on the list for future projects after move-in. (Update: the back porch has since been built. It serves both as a temperature buffer and a place to wipe off wet dog feet.)
Canine family members Wakko (r) and Ace were deeply impressed by the humans' godlike abilities to not only cause snow but to create "tennis balls" which disappear in the act of being retrieved. throball.jpg (56181 bytes)
deepsno.jpg (12934 bytes)

We got about four inches of snow, not counting drifts. Look fast -- it's unlikely to last past noon.

farmhouse.jpg (33456 bytes)
Back to the main page. A rare view of the fifty-year-old farmhouse which served as our temporary home during dome construction. It was habitable, more or less, but the dome has been tremendously more comfortable to live in..