Interior Finishing for the Addition, Part 2

study sheet rock
study walls
After the rough interior wiring was installed (long, but not very photogenic) we were ready to have the interior walls finished out with sheet rock. This was the longest and trickiest part of the do-it-yourself job when we built the main part of the house. Although they do not usually work as contractors, we were able to hire some of the workers at Monolithic Domes to do the sheet rock work. They worked fast and efficiently, giving us a final surface that was taped, bedded, textured, and ready to paint for our final interior walls. They certainly had the job done faster than we would have ourselves.
This picture shows the walls between the new library and the two studies, plus the hallway to the main part of the house. Notice that we have not yet taken down the wall separating the addition from the main house. We plan to leave this in place until the new section is almost completely livable, to keep noise and dust out of the existing living room. This picture also gives a good view of the two art niches in the new living room, backed with plywood. The small opening above each art niche will become a transom window to improve air circulation in the two studies.
russ paints study
study heater
Painting came next. We found a power paint sprayer was the best way to get a good coat on the rough concrete of the inner shell. Most of the interior walls, though, were painted with rollers.
Note the framing below the study window. This will eventually hold one of three window air conditioners, which turned out to be the most economical way to cool the new addition rather than tying in to existing central air.
Since the studies are going to be completely personal spaces, we made them more colorful and individualized. The white wall at left will eventually be green to contrast with the yellow in the rest of the room.
At the upper right, note one of four electric space heaters designed for use in bathrooms. With one in each study and two in the main library, we expect to have no trouble keeping the addition warm in cold weather.
tan library ledge
New AV Racks
We painted the library/living room a warm tan which we thought would look good with the many wooden bookcases and audio-visual racks we planned. Note the installed heater, the indirect lights on the high ledge, and the ceiling fan. The square opening at upper right leads to a storage attic.
The basic frame of our audio-visual racks, on each side of where the television will go. These racks, as well as the permanent bookcases, are built on frames of two-by-fours fastened directly to the foundation with masonry screws.

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