Interior Finishing for the Addition, Part 1

prime interior shell
chalk lines
It took two weeks for the ceiling of the hallway to cure to the point that Monolithic considered completely safe. During that time we worked in the new addition installing windows and doors and sealing the shell interior with a primer coat of white paint.
We had a very simple layout in mind; a small wedge-shaped study on either side of the entry hall, leading to the library/living room that would take up the majority of the new dome. The two pipes set in the floor at left are conduits for electrical and data wiring from the main house into the interior wall. The pipe at center will be a floor plug in the middle of the main room.
frame addition
frame study ceiling
Unlike the main house, the interior walls of the addition were framed with standard wood studs so that we could have attic storage above the two studies and entry hall. The square opening, center, in the study wall will become a shallow, lighted niche in the living room wall to display a painting.
The standard eight-foot ceilings
also gave us a handy place to run interior wiring.

lighting ledge
study door frame
We added several custom touches to the design. Instead of separating the living room from the studies with a flat floor-to-dome-ceiling wall, we set the upper part of the wall back six inches at the top of the study ceilings. This gave us a ledge which made the wall look more interesting and gave us a place to run indirect track lighting.
The two study doors were custom-framed into oval shapes.  This frame will be filled with an oval sliding door to save space and make the rooms unique.

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