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Who the heck gave us the idea?

How did the concrete shell get built?

How did the inside walls get built?

What about major systems like air conditioning?

What was the interior finishing work like?

How did the completed house look?

What about the addition you're now building on the dome house?

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NEW: 3/18/2005:

Some additions to the 'interior finish' section about the house addition begun fall 2003. The addition is in fact completely finished, full of our stuff, and comfortable to live in but it may take some time for the site to fully reflect this.
General housekeeping note: this web site has been moved from EV1.net to its permanent site here at www.millerdome.com . We have no particular beef with EV1.net, but we had a chance at local broadband service.

April 2004. Work is moving along well on the addition to the house, which should be ready to connect to the main house in a month or so. Go here to see the newest pages about the interior finishing process, or go hereto see the addition from the beginning.

October 2003: We're adding on to our dome house! Basic foundation construction began October 28 2003. Go to this new page for further details and updates on the addition.

September 2003: We have finalized a floor plan for a dome addition to be built by Monolithic Domes. Full blueprints are being drawn for us, and we are in the process of arranging home improvement financing. The standard wood construction building we semi-fondly called "The Zombie House" has been demolished and taken away by a local contractor.

August 2003: linked this web site to various building, design, and DIY Web Rings. See the bottom of this page for a full list.

July 2003: moved our website to Everyone's Internet. A link from the original website will be available for a few months. We are currently working with Monolithic on plans to add an extension dome to our house. The longer we live here, the harder it is to imagine how anyone could be happy in an energry-wasting stick house which is vulnerable to fire, foundation trouble, hail damage, tornados, etc. We intend to stay put.

November 30 2002: a weekend-long project to add overhead storage space to one of our existing steel garages installed for us by Monolithic Domes. (update added 11/17/03)

September 2002: a home improvement project to add an enclosed porch, of standard construction, to the north-facing entry of our Monolithic home. This subsequently proved to be a very good idea not only as an 'airlock' against bad weather but as a place to clean the feet of large dogs during inclement weather. (update added 11/17/03)

October 2, 2001: The house remains comfortable, and all functions have been moved out of the previous house. Our highest electric bill in the dome -- for an all electric house, in Texas, in August -- was $115. We expect even better energy savings during the winter months. We have added two prefab steel garages to the household, also from Monolithic, as of late July.

Here is an overhead aerial view of our dome, our land, and a bit of neighboring properties. This was taken before we installed the garages.

May 2001:  We are now living in our dome house, although the laundry room and part of the kitchen is still located in the adjoining wood-framed farmhouse. We are finding it extremely comfortable.